CRO – What it is, and why nobody does it right

CRO – What it is, and why nobody does it right

Conversion Rate Optimization.  Making your website or app convert (get more signups, more customers, more money) more efficiently than it does now.  No brainer right?  We think so too.  So why doesn’t anyone seem to do it right?


When we started Volcanic Star, this was one of our biggest issues.  Actually CONVINCING people that they needed to look carefully at how visitors were making their way through their site, and how we could keep them longer and get them to convert more.  Basic questions:


  • Where do they come in from?  What were they searching for when they landed?
  • How long are they staying on the site?
  • What pages do they exit from most frequently?
  • Is there a difference in metrics from web to mobile?


And on and on.  That data and other data like it can give you IMMENSE information on how to modify and improve your site to make more money.  Period.  So how do people go wrong?


They STOP.


That’s right.  They do a round of CRO, maybe two rounds if they are really diligent.  And they stop.  The figure they have squeezed all they can out of the orange that is their presence on the Internet, and this is all the juice you are getting.  But they are wrong.  You don’t stop.  Not ever.  There is ALWAYS more to be squeezed.  You squeeze and squeeze until you are crushing the PEEL into juice, and then you squeeze more.  And when there is nothing left at all to squeeze, what do you do?


You get a new orange.  Build a new website with the data you gleaned from the old one, and make the new one start making more money.


And yes – there are a lot of tools we use to squeeze.  We do A/B testing, and epsilon-greedy testing, and we create landing pages for long tail keyphrases, and we do SEO, and write content until our eyes hurt.  But you don’t stop.


Think about the numbers.  Assume everything is going up.  Traffic goes up by 20%, 50%, 100%.  SEO rankings improve.  Social media presence is killing it.  You have 50,000 visitors a month.  That’s fantastic.  But your conversion rate is a measly 1%, and your average sale is $50.  On 50,000 visitors, you get 500 sales.  For $25,000.  Not bad you say?  Maybe.


But now you spend some time on CRO, and manage to get just ONE MORE PERCENT of users to convert.  1%.  You doubled your conversions, and your revenue.  $25,000 more dollars a month.  $300,000 more dollars a year.  Sounds better now, right?  Get that conversion rate to 5%, and you are talking about some real money.


That’s what we do here.  Holistic approach to making your website more successful.  Full circle.  Hit that contact link down there.  We can help you.  Guaranteed.

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