Why do I need to do this?

There are two main versions of Magento - version 1 and version 2. They are pretty wildly different, in all ways. The database, the coding, etc. In summary, a lot was learned from version 1, and version 2 was just built better - and in a lot of cases that means REALLY changing things.

So why didn’t Adobe (who owns Magento) just build a conversion system to just upgrade everything to Magento 2? In the case of the database, they did provide a system to convert all the data. But that’s where the easy ends. Everything else needs to be converted over, pretty much by hand. So page design, custom features, extensions (plug ins that make Magento do things not built into the core code) all need to be upgraded.

At VSI, we’ve converted a bunch of DIFFERENT kinds of websites, so we’ve seen a lot of functions, extensions and implementations so that we can convert these things quickly. And that means less expensive for you.

What happens if I don’t convert?

Probably nothing. For a while. But eventually, something is going to break that needs fixing. Maybe a database table fills up, or a connection to another system breaks. Easy fixes - especially by a company that really knows what they are doing.

But what about when it is more serious? An extension stops working, or hackers find a security hole. Can it still be fixed? Of course! ANYTHING can be fixed. The question is how long will it take, and how much will it cost? At some point, switching to Magento 2 just becomes the more stable, less expensive, less dangerous to your business alternative. Why not get it done now, while it’s not impacting your business, when you have time to do it right?

And in the meantime, we will maintain your existing site to make sure nothing breaks. For FREE.


How much will it cost and how long will it take?

As always - that depends. Say you have a very vanilla implementation of Magento 1, without any 3rd party extensions, no custom code, and a theme that is easily applied to Magento 2. Then we could be looking at as little as a few thousand dollars, and a couple weeks to get everything tested and ready to implement. Have multiple stores, thousands of products, a dozen extensions (some of which were never migrated to Magento 2) and a ton of custom code? It could be $20k and two months of work.

But look - we still aren’t going to gouge you. What we will do is figure out how many hours it will take to get the work done, test and implement, and show you exactly that. We’ll do it fast, and we’ll do it RIGHT.

What will I get out of it other than just being on the current version?

Oh - this is the best question. You didn’t think going to a whole new version of the GOLD STANDARD of e-commerce systems was going to be just like the old system, right? Virtually every part of the system has been improved:
Admin Panel - Much easier to add/edit products and categories, bulk editing of prices and other product data, and user management is greatly improved.
Performance - A new database designed to keep performance and queries humming even with 100,000 products or more We know - we’ve done lots of conversions with huge catalogs.
Security - Beefed up to keep the biggest threats out - and easily respond to new ones. This is arguably the biggest reason to move to Magento 2, especially when Magento 1 starts seeing more vulnerabilities.
User features - Built in functionality like Wishlists, address storage, and programmable preferences make the user experience an elevated buying experience.
Mobile functionality - Responsive measure built right in to Magento 2 make building and maintaining mobile-first websites much more economical.
Improved checkout - Designed from the bottom up, the checkout process flows better, responds faster, and converts more shoppers to buyers. Subscribe and save and other functions are now much easier to manage.



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