More Visitors

Getting more visitors is really, really easy.

Getting the right visitors is a little harder.

How do you know what the right visitors are?  It’s a great question you ask, and one that most inbound marketing companies don’t want to tell you.  They want you to think it is a big secret.  A part of the “secret sauce” of how they do SEO.  We think that’s nonsense.

The right visitors are the ones who are going to convert to customers.  Period.  If you hear someone telling you to “cast a wider net” or “you never know who will turn into a customer” – RUN AWAY.  That’s how companies get you paying for traffic that doesn’t pay for itself, and that is just plain wrong.

At VSI, we want to know exactly who your customers are before we start trying to attract them.  If you sell something, you may think that getting traffic for exactly that phrase will yield you the most paying customers.  And it might.  It also may cost you more money than you would make to do that.  If you are a dentist, getting traffic every time someone types “dentist” into Google sounds fantastic… until you realize you are paying for that traffic from all over the world, and for things you don’t do.  Then the cost of pay per click campaigns are out of control, and so are the SEO efforts that accompany them.

We’ll step back and take a look at what you really WANT as a business owner, and start focusing on that.  Then we’ll provide you with data – real data – to help make decisions about how to move forward.  That’s the right way to do it.  To get the right data.  To find the right visitors.

Let us show you how.


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