Optimized Shopping/Ecommerce

More sales doesn’t necessarily mean optimized.


Wait.  What?  More sales is MORE SALES.  Isn’t that the point of an E-commerce website?


Yes and no.  At VSI, we focus on the RIGHT sales.  If the objective is just a higher number of sales, you can end up optimizing for your lowest margin items.  And while a sale is a sale, and SOME margin is better than none, we think it should be about revenue.  And really – even more about PROFIT.


So how do we do that?  Glad you asked:

  1. We start by creating an analytics package on your current store to determine where traffic is coming from, what thos users are doing, and how they are converting to buyers.
  2. We then take that data to determine exactly which products are yielding the most revenue on a weekly, monthly, quarterly basis.  Selling 100 items sounds nice, but the margin is the thing.  We’ll focus you on selling the highest number of highest margin items.
  3. We’ll create comprehensive A/B tests, or alternating presentation experiments, for the site to make changes that will have the highest impact.  Once we know which test works best, we’ll implement it – and then design another one.
  4. We’ll report results on a weekly basis, not just to show you what a great job we do (although we do like that part), but to get input from you on our direction.  Numbers don’t always tell the whole story.
  5. We’ll start again – and keep refining as long as it keeps making you more money.


Our focus is where your focus is.  While it’s true that money isn’t everything – it most certainly is everything on a well run E-commerce website.


Let us show you how to not only increase your sales, but get the RIGHT sales, today.


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