Your website is your company face on the web

You’ve heard it said like that a thousand times – and it makes perfect sense.  You have one chance to impress your potential customer – or POOF – they are gone.  Your site needs to be beautiful, engaging, exciting.  Eye catching.  Impressive.

Wow – that’s a lot of things for a website to be.  Is all of that really true?

Here at Volcanic Star Internet, our approach is a little different.  We tailor websites not to what we THINK the prospective customer wants – but what we can PROVE they want.


The VSI plan for Website Design and Optimization

  • A comprehensive analysis of your desired customer attributes.  Because every business is different.
  • A complete analysis of what your competition is doing to get those customers.  Because not all of your competitors are bad at what they do.
  • A plan for attacking those customers – with actionable items for changing on the website.  Because nobody every gets it right the first time.  Or the fifth.
  • Extensive A/B testing of potential changes.  Because you don’t need to guess when you test things properly.
  • Implementation of the changes that WILL get you the most customers.  Because we want you to make money!

We say it all the time to our customers – if we’re not giving you reasons BACKED WITH DATA for the things we are doing for you, then we’re not doing our job.


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